The project

I was looking for a while for some side project. Firstly I thought about something related to data science, but recently I started an internship in this field, and I want to make something not related to my work, just for fun.

Then I thought about some application security project. In the hype I even bought a ticket for confidence conference (see you there all hackers!) but in this field I still feel as totally beginner, and for now I can’t even imagine about what specifically this application could be.

After that I found this tweet:

I fell in love immediately. Sokpops guys definitely had a good time doing this! When I was doing some 2d platformers in past I also found this entertaining :) So I knew what I want to do then. I went to the Unity3d page to download their app.

But there is no Linux support.

So, here I am. Next programmer who thinks that his game engine will be better choice than existing one. Nope. I know that it will not cover even 1% of Unity capabilities. My goals are:

I don’t have much experience in this field, but I’ve made already one OpenGL project for the university classes. It shouldn’t be THAT hard (oh, it will be definitely).

When it comes to programming language I chose C. C is simple. C is life. I always wanted to make something bigger with this one-to-rule-them-all language. I’m not the best when it comes to structural programming, so it could be challenging.

Yeah, I think that’s all for today. Feel free to leave a comment! (I encourage you to do that!)

This project is my attempt to the initiative called “Get Noticed!” (in Polish daj sie poznać). The objective is to do some open-source project and write about it twice a week. Wish me a good look!